Counseling Services

Individual and Family Counseling
There are many points in life that are challenging, whether expected or unexpected. In working with an individual or family, I offer an approach that values your experience while building new skills and acknowledges difficulties while empowering change. The modalities I offer integrate a developmental wellness perspective with experiential modalities, including: MARI and Mandala, Creative Arts and Writing, Meditation, and Guided Imagery and Music. Consultation and supervision services, workshops, and training are also available.

The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM)
This music-centered, mind-body approach is grounded in Jungian, Client-Centered, and Transpersonal therapies. Developed by Helen Bonny, it taps into the power of music to deepen consciousness, connect to the inner self and illuminate or resolve current life issues. Facilitated by a trained guide, a person is invited to the healing and creative potential possible through a music evoked imagery journey. Through spontaneous dialogue and other expression, a person may experience emotional releases, new connections and insights, and often a spiritual unfolding. The music is drawn from inspired and classical masterworks which encourages unresolved issues to surface, removes blocks, and awakens new levels of creativity while initiating the integration of what is most meaningful.

How does GIM improve well-being?

GIM is a holistic, innovative and effective way to help people:

  • Enhance relationships
  • Deepen spiritual connection
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Reduce the effects of trauma
  • Promote recovery from addictions
  • Address health challenges
  • Enhance creativity
  • Problem-solve work issues
  • Allow natural grieving of losses
  • Move forward with life transitions

The process energizes the psyche to heal itself, much like the ability of the injured physical body to activate white blood cells and other functions to bring about physical healing. This innate capacity to heal is stimulated by the person’s willingness to open to inspired musical performances which provide the creative projective screen for the connecting of many levels of mind, body, and spirit.

Who will benefit from GIM?
GIM is well suited for many people who desire to access their creative and spiritual resources as well as those experiencing life issues, depression, anxiety, addiction, loss, and stress-related and relationship problems. This approach can be the primary modality or adjunctive to other therapies. Also, a person can engage with GIM in a brief format (1-3 sessions) with a specific focus or in a growth oriented way that explores various aspects of a person’s life. Appointments can be scheduled by calling 434.960.2327 or contact me.

Experiential Groups
The Creative Journey developed out of my training and exploration in the various ways expressive activities allow individuals to experience transitional times of life in a way that creates a rite of passage. This rite of passage has traditionally been an individual journey that is affirmed and witnessed by a safe and nurturing group of others who are also moving from one stage to another. Drawing on tradition while bringing in contemporary rituals, this group invites participants to explore and claim their intrinsic selves as they honor the process of change.

Creative Journey for Artists, Writers, and Musicians
Creative Journey for Women in Recovery
Creative Journey for Woman Embracing Change
Creative Journey for Teen Girls
Creative Journey for Teen Boys
Creative Journey for Parents of Teens