GIM Level I

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Are you a professional in the areas of mental health, medicine, music therapy, art therapy, or personal coaching?

Would you be interested in learning additional mind-body approaches such as meditation, guided imagery, and the expressive arts to integrate into your practice? This training offers a holistic healing modality for children, adolescents and adults presenting with clinical issues, transitions, health challenges, and relationship issues. Experience this transformational approach inspired by Jungian, Transpersonal, and Client-Centered theories, and utilizes music to evoke a variety of images, body awareness, emotions, memories, and creative insights that can help a person move through difficult issues, and reflect more deeply on their life’s journey.

This method has been researched and demonstrated effective in helping clients:

Reduce anxiety and stress Resolve grief issues
Enhance creativity Improve mood
Develop self-awareness Address health challenges
Reduce effects of trauma Improve problem solving
Enhance recovery from addictions Deepen spiritual connection

This Training Program is Designed For:

Mental Health Professionals Music Therapists
School Counselors, Counselor Educators Integrative Medicine Practitioners
Health Care Professionals Art and Expressive Therapists
Bodyworkers and Energy Healers Wellness and Life Coaches

Woven into The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) Level I Training are the integrative techniques of expressive arts, mandalas, poetry, body awareness, and meditation.

In this four-day residential training you will learn:
* How to integrate expressive arts and experiential mind-body therapies into your practice
* Experience the healing benefits of music as your co-therapist as you work with individuals and groups
* Learn interactive guiding skills to deepen the client’s experience with imagery, evoking insights, emotions, and body awareness
* Use mandalas as a mirror of the soul, tapping into symbols and color of the unfolding self
* Sense how music elicits an awareness of the wisdom of the body and the messages for healing it offers
* Understand how sound healing supports the alignment of vibration and resonance for core wellness
* Experience how mindfulness provides a tool for being able to pause and reflect for a deeper knowing
* Listen to how poetry explores images and sounds as representations of our inner experience
* Discover journaling as a portal from the unseen to the seen, from the felt experience to action

Erin Johnson, LPC, FAMI and Cara Marinucci, LPC, FAMI are trainers & faculty of the Atlantic Institute for Consciousness and Music (formerly the Mid-Atlantic Institute), an endorsed training program of the Association for Music and Imagery.

Contact Cara Marinucci. LPC at (434) 960-2327 for further information or go to the Integrative Music Institute website to register.